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Walking is a means of transportation, getting us where we need to go. It allows us to explore new places and reach our destination. But, walking is also exceptional for our overall health. The act of walking can help us shed pounds, maintaining a healthy weight. It improves our heart’s health, training it to work well under stress. It also gives us that endorphin boost to improve our mood when we’re feeling down. It’s hard to deny the mental and physical benefits of simply walking. 

In addition to the many physical and mental health benefits, walking is also great for maintaining healthy feet. With over a fourth of the body’s bones, your feet do a lot of work to keep your body moving. That’s why foot health is so important for your overall health, and walking is a great way to foster good foot and ankle health. If you are still skeptical, below we explore the wellness benefits of daily walking for your feet.

5 Ways Walking Helps Your Feet

Daily walking has proven to be beneficial for your feet. Below are five benefits of daily walking as it relates to your foot and ankle health. 

  1. Strengthens the bones and muscles in your feet and ankles.
  2. Increases flexibility in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your feet
  3. Fosters weight loss, which decreases the amount of strain put on your feet and ankles. 
  4. Increases circulation which helps in the reduction of swelling in your feet
  5. Helps to stave off or prevent common foot problems like achilles tendon ruptures or tears

It’s important to note that all of these benefits come with regular, daily walking. Seeing these benefits requires time spent each day walking. We recommend 30 minutes of walking each day to reap the most benefits. However, if you struggle from a foot condition that makes walking for an extended amount of time difficult, it is important to consult a medical professional that specializes in podiatric care, like the physicians at Dr. Fedorak’s. 

Custom Orthotics Make Walking Easier

If you have been diagnosed with a foot problem from a board-certified podiatric physician, then you know that finding proper footwear is vital. The right kind of footwear can alleviate pain associated with your foot condition, and can make exercise, like daily walking, much easier. 

But, what kind of footwear is best for your condition? Custom orthotics are a great solution. At Dr. Fedorak’s, they offer custom-made orthotics that are tailored to your feet and will specifically help with whatever condition you may have. They even offer insoles you can put into your shoes, or offer shoes tailored to your feet. With these custom orthotics, you will be able to reap the benefits of your daily walking with confidence and ease.

Get Walking Today

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