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Your feet are the foundation of your body, literally! They don’t just help you move; they get you to family events, concerts and plays, sporting activities and more. They’re even essential to the simple act of standing. Unfortunately, some conditions can affect your feet, causing pain and limiting mobility as you age. One common condition affecting feet is gout.

Gout is an inflammatory condition that affects joints in the feet. Joints are places in the body where two bones meet and allow movement. Gout often affects the big toe joint but can also affect other joints in the feet.  Because it causes pain when the joint moves, gout can make it challenging to move around, walk and stay active. 

Gout happens because of hyperuricemia, a condition in which the uric acid from your body and your diet build up. Too much uric acid can form crystals in your joints, tissues and bodily fluids. Those crystals can cause pain, swelling and heat in your affected joints. Unfortunately, when too many of these crystals are in your foot joints, your gout will flare up.

Because gout flares up, it also goes into remission – periods when there is no pain. After multiple flare-ups, your gout can turn into gouty arthritis, which is more persistent. Gouty arthritis can spread and affect multiple joints simultaneously, making movement difficult. Fortunately, there are several ways to manage and treat gout that make life more pain-free. The first strategy is knowing what triggers gout. 

5 Triggers That Can Make Your Gout Flare Up

4 Gout Treatment Tips to Live a Pain-free Life

Fortunately, you can manage and treat gout with help from expert rheumatologists and podiatrists. Once your gout is diagnosed by X-rays and lab tests, you can use the following tips to manage your pain and prevent flare-ups.

If you suspect you have gout, schedule an appointment with the experts in Dr. Fedorchak’s office today. Our expert podiatrist uses top-of-the-line diagnostic tools and treatments to help you live your healthiest, pain-free life.