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Dr. Frederick N. Fedorchak &
Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak

Board Certified Podiatric Physician & Surgeon

As we age, we become more aware of aches and pains we didn’t experience when we were younger. This is especially true for our feet. Our feet take us where we need to go and hold us up throughout the day. As we get older, our feet suffer the strain of keeping us moving year after year. In order to keep ourselves active and pain-free, it’s important to understand some of the conditions that arise as we age and how we can combat these foot issues and continue to remain mobile. 

Common Aging Foot Issues 

While there are plenty of other conditions that afflict feet as we age, below is a list of 5 of the most common issues and how they affect mobility.

Fat Pad Atrophy

This condition is characterized by the gradual loss of the fat pad in the ball or heel of the foot. This loss of padding that can happen over time can lead to strain and pressure in the feet, which can also cause micro tears and inflammation. If you begin to notice these symptoms and think you may be suffering from fat pad atrophy, luckily, there is a solution: custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are designed to fit your unique feet and help stave off and prevent pain. To get your own custom orthotics, contact a professional podiatrist to get your feet fitted and to keep you active and on your feet.

Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain and plantar fasciitis are some of the most common problems patients experience as their feet age. These conditions can be extremely painful, but don’t suffer through the pain. Consult a podiatrist to receive non-surgical and surgical options for relieving your foot pain.  


Corns typically form on the top of the foot and toes, over a joint or bone. Corns tend to form over a point of friction caused from shoes. This causes discomfort and makes it harder to walk or run in shoes. Simply put, corns are caused by ill-fitting shoes. That’s why having shoes that properly fit your unique feet and accommodate your foot conditions is important to maintaining mobility as you age. That’s why consulting a professional podiatrist like Dr. Fedorchak can be beneficial as your feet age. 

Ankle Arthritis

This is a degenerative condition where cartilage of the ankle joint wears thin and eventually breaks down. This breakdown of cartilage makes your bone joint vulnerable, leading to discomfort and pain. Many people will write off ankle arthritis pain as “old age”, but if you are experiencing chronic ankle pain, it’s important to see an experienced podiatrist to help alleviate the pain and keep you active. 


This is a painful condition that affects the small, fluid-filled sacs that cushion the bones, tendons, and muscles near your joints. The likelihood of bursitis increases with age and is typically seen in the heel and base of the big toe. If you are experiencing pain in your feet surrounding your joints, see a podiatrist who can diagnose the issue and begin treatment to alleviate the pain. 

How to Increase Mobility

As your feet age, it is important to keep moving in order to stave off more issues. There are two main things you can do to increase your mobility and foster good foot health. 

  1. Invest in Custom Orthotics: Custom orthotics are like a fingerprint. They are designed to mold to your foot’s specific dimensions and needs. There are many reasons to use custom orthotics, but using custom orthotics in your shoes, or investing in shoes with your specific measurements is a simple way to increase your comfort and stave off many of the foot problems associated with aging. 
  2. Regular Appointments with Dr. Fedorchak: having a board certified podiatrist with years of training and experience is a great resource for aging feet. From diagnostics to surgical treatment, Dr. Fedorchak has the experience and know-how to solve your foot issues. Contact Dr. Fedorchak’s office today to schedule your foot consultation or call them at 219-763-1680 to help relieve your foot and ankle pain.