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Dr. Frederick N. Fedorchak &
Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak

Board Certified Podiatric Physician & Surgeon

Cutting-Edge Podiatry Equipment Under One Roof

If you are suffering from an agonizing foot or ankle injury, the last thing you want to do is travel to multiple offices for the equipment required to get your image scans completed. Unlike other private practices that will have to refer you to an office with the necessary technology, Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak can get most of your foot or ankle examinations done in-house. Located in Portage, Indiana, our clinic is home to state-of-the-art podiatry equipment that no other nearby offices have under one roof. Other private offices will send patients off to other podiatrists, while we have the advanced automation to perform the diagnostics ourselves. The comprehensive range of equipment we have is even rare in nearby hospitals! We are a one-stop shop for quality foot and ankle scanning for our patients’ convenience and time. 

Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak is passionate about making your experience simple, considering the continuing pain you may be experiencing. The advanced technology in our office allows us to get faster and more efficient results for our patients. 

Ultrasound Equipment

Ultrasound equipment is necessary to create an image to view the ligaments in the ankles and feet. This is an essential way to diagnose soft tissue injuries and pathology. With this technology, we can analyze multiple tendons from the Achilles tendon to the plantar fascia. The ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to seek out any inflammation and assists in diagnosing any tears or sprains in the ligaments of the foot. By having two of these incredible ultrasound machines in our office, we are able to swiftly diagnose and treat our patients’ injuries. 

Fluoroscan Machines

Dr. Kacmar-Fedorchak has three Fluoroscan machines inside of the independent practice. This device uses a significantly smaller amount of x-rays to perform a moving image of the part of the body being scanned. In our office, a fluorscan is preferred much more to live action x-rays for foot and ankle scans. These machines have the advantage of low radiation omissions and quick image results. Fluoroscans are very similar to an x-ray but they allow the foot and ankle to move in different directions in real time. This is helpful in determining ligament damage to joints, fractures and range of motion. These machines also have an extremely high resolution of 75 micron pixels array. With this intense visual, it allows the tiniest of details to be seen. 

Flouroscan machine c-arm

Weight Bearing Orthoposer

A weight bearing orthoposer is a x-ray unit that takes weight bearing radiographs. In the Dr. Fedorchak office, the brand of orthoposer is the Reina 20/20 Imaging. Hospitals that have these high-quality machines are far and few between in the Northwest Indiana area. The orthoposer is completely digital and has half of the radiation dose of older equipment, making it twice as efficient. It gives superior contrast sensitivity and visibility for complex anatomies of the foot and ankle. A weight bearing orthoposer is crucial to assess the alignment of the foot and irregularities that are causing any pain in the feet or ankle.

Quality Podiatry Services

All of your foot or ankle needs can be taken into great care when you visit Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak. With our range of advanced technology in house, you can trust that you will be diagnosed more accurately and quickly than in any other podiatric office around. Dr. Fedorchak is committed to treating patients with the best diagnostic equipment to deliver the best podiatry care in Northwest Indiana. 
If you are looking for a board certified podiatric physician and surgeon, call Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak at (219) 763-1680.