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Dr. Frederick N. Fedorchak &
Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak

Board Certified Podiatric Physician & Surgeon

Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Accessories Made to Just for You

For custom-built orthotics and prosthetics, get in touch with Dr. Frederick N. Fedorchak and Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak in Portage, IN. They can also have custom sandals made to fit your foot and according to each patient’s written prescription. Their orthotics products are sometimes made by Mr. Ron Ryce, former Prosthetics Man.


  • Custom insole Birkenstocks are available and can be made to fit your foot
  • Custom orthotics built into Birkenstock Sandals, as well as other shoes, and sandals

Biomechanical Pathology of the Foot and Ankle in Plain English:

Each foot has 26 bones; some inherited from mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc. The best analogy is to compare this combination of 26 bones to the front suspension of your automobile. If the front end is “out of alignment”, normal driving will result in excessive wear of the tires. Similarly, if the combination of bones is “out of alignment,” then excessive wear and tear will slowly happen. Bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and neuromas, are all examples of such wear and tear. Other times, new tires are required along with re-alignment. In this case surgical reconstruction is followed by custom orthotic therapy.

Have Your Orthotics Custom-Built

Orthotic equipment needs to be specially tailored to your measurements in order to ensure the effectiveness of podiatric treatment. For custom-built orthotic equipment, turn to Dr. Frederick N. Fedorchak and Dr. Veronica A. Kacmar-Fedorchak. Call them at (219) 763-1680 today to get more information about their orthotic products. Many insurance plans cover their custom molded orthotic