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There is no way to adequately thank you for all of the hard work you have done fixing my feet. I have met a lot of surgeons in my life and I have experienced nearly fifty surgeries in my lifetime. I think that presents me the opportunity to evaluate many surgeons along my journey and you are the only surgeon that followed my post-op recovery so closely and with such compassion. You never give up on difficult cases like mine; you find a solution no matter what it takes. I have never seen such dedication and genuine concern and kindness to a patient. Thank you for helping me to walk normally again and get back to living my life.

Thank you! 


Dear Doctors,

This is a long time coming so I apologize! We have been reflecting on Kylee’s medical journey and just can’t express to you how thankful we are to have finally found someone to help us! There is not a single day that goes by that we don’t think of you both and how we don’t have to ask “how’s your foot” or worry about taking a trip because she couldn’t manage the walking. After spending three long years trying desperately to find someone to help, it is almost odd not to worry about it. It was such an all consuming ordeal for our entire family. Thanks to you both we have all gotten relief and quality of life back! Kylee is in the middle of dance season and starting track workouts without pain! So again… thank you, thank you, thank you! We are forever grateful!

John S.

I just want to thank you both for meeting with our son Nick. What you have done for my family and myself goes above and beyond the “normal” every day patient treatment and care of the patient! Each step we take in researching and talking to different doctors helps us so much in understanding Nick’s problems and gives us guidance towards a solution to his foot and ankle problems. I cannot say “Thank You” enough, to you both!!! The concern and well-being of my son is of utmost importance to my family and to see you both have that same concern is something that has definitely gone by the wayside in many facets of the medical industry!!! You two are the BEST and have definitely helped in our journey to do the right thing!!! Again, Thank You  My surgery you both performed on my ankle is doing fine and I look forward to walking so much better in the future.

Best Regards to you both,

John S.

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